What makes Canadians happy at work?

The Workplace Survey asked 500 Canadian employees what drives happiness at work. As a result, we uncovered many great insights. We take a closer look into topics such as work life balance, compensation, employee engagement and workplace flexibility.

The workplace survey also provides insights into what companies can do to improve the overall employee experience.
Survey findings include how to motivate employees and what drives workplace efficiencies.

say employers have a responsibility to
keep employees mentally and physically well.

say they felt supported by telling their
supervisor they needed a mental health day.

The workplace survey includes insights on:
  • The office workplace environment

  • Compensation

  • Workplace relationships

  • Workplace loyalty

  • Work flexibility

  • And also, health, wellness and stress at work

A Key To Happiness:  Flexibility

Want to know how Millennials and Baby Boomers feel about working together? Or what the top factor probably is for employees to leave their current job?

In addition, the survey asks employees to share their thoughts on topics related to working in an office. Like what they think of their office layout. And also, how they feel about workplace wellness.

Likewise, the survey reviews issues such as employee loyalty and company culture. The findings explore all of this and more.

Here is a sample of some of the findings from the survey.

90% say a more flexible work arrangement and schedule would increase employee morale.

63% say they would think about leaving a job if the work arrangements became less flexible.

83% say they think employers have a duty to keep employees mentally and physically well.

1 in 5 would take a 10% pay cut for a job that cares more about their health and wellness.

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