The pandemic has reset many major work plans and has had organizations rethink the workforce and experience overall. Many organizations have maintained a remote work strategy and it is imperative that employees are kept safe and healthy even while working remotely to collaborate digitally and effectively.

Staples Professional has the solutions and expertise to provide for your employees during this time.

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Collaboration Solutions
Dynamic collaboration tools to keep in touch.

Ergonomic Solutions
Invest in your well-being with ergonomically safe furniture.

Personal Protective Equipment Solutions
Reduce the spread of infection while working from home.

Cleaning Solutions
Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free.

Home Essentials & Wellness
Boost morale and keep focused.

Mobile Furniture & Accessories
Keep the work going wherever you are.


Convenient product bundle solutions available.

Welcome Back Kit
This kit will help your associates
be prepared and ready to return to the

Ready To Use Disinfectant Kit
This convenient kit includes two 946 mL Ready
to Use Disinfectant Spray bottles and one pack of WYPALL
L30 Light-Duty Wipers.

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