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The world of work is changing. At Staples Professional, we’ve got your back.

We do more than help you keep up — we help you stay ahead.

In this issue of The Loop™, we offer innovative products and ideas to boost productivity, connectivity and inspiration, whether you’re working from home or back at the office. You’ll see how simple actions can keep your team energized and make Worklife better for everyone.

Because success in a changing world takes fresh thinking and smart solutions.

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Choose the right tools that help your team be more efficient.

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Take a break and connect with the team, all with a little help from Perk™.

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Calling all lefties, cursive writers,
all-caps printers & doodlers. There’s
an option for them.

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Jump on a conference call.
Then do some fingerpainting.
Welcome to the ultimate balancing act.

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You’ve got a job to do, a team
to lead and a standard to meet.
Bring it on!

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Flex for team meetings and shape-shift for a new flow.
Because spaces should adapt to your team, not the other way around.

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