Our mission will never go to waste.

Explore all of our planet-passionate solutions.

We’ve been planet-passionate for over 20 years, sparking solutions for a greener future. Staples Professional is an organization that is committed to reducing our environmental impact as leaders in sustainability and Eco-responsibility.

Supporting the communities that we live and work in provides solutions that protect our natural resources and our planet. We champion a stance that both our Associates and communities are proud of.

As The Working and Learning Company, we help Canadians make sustainable choices through partnerships, education, products, and services. Together we are working towards reducing our environmental footprint in Canada.

Staples Professional promotes several products and programs that support its goals to be a part of a greener future.

Bullfrog Power x Staples Professional

Since 2013, Staples Professional has partnered with Bullfrog Power to support clean, renewable electricity. Through this partnership, Staples Professional is reducing its environmental impact and helping to support the development of Bullfrog Power’s green energy projects in Canada. For more information on Bullfrog Power, please visit bullfrogpower.com

Customer recycling solutions.

Our various recycling initiatives make a big difference. In fact, just our electronics program alone has collected over 20.5M kg of e-waste. What exactly do we recycle?


Take charge and recycle used batteries.

Staples Professional partners with Call2Recycle to collect used batteries (rechargeable and alkaline) from all of the customers as part of our regular delivery operations. The partnership began in 2004, and to date with Staples Canada, over 1 million kilograms of used household batteries have been collected and safely recycled through the program.

Ink & Toner

Start printing a greener future.

Every year over 300 million ink cartridges are improperly discarded and end up in North American landfills. Staples is one of the world’s largest ink recyclers, recycling millions of ink and toner cartridges each year. We’re committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers and offer ink and toner collection along with our regular deliveries. The cartridges we collect are either reused or recycled, with end-of-life cartridges used to make other products, including items like office trays, pen and paper holders.


The power is in your hands, don’t let it go to waste.

Staples Professional and its national electronics recycling partner eCycle Solutions take back end-of-life electronics from our customers. Recyclable items accepted include cell phones, computers, computer parts, small appliances and more. To date, together with Staples Canada we have collected 20.5 million kilograms of e-waste for recycling through its electronics recycling program. For details on the program please contact customer care.

Staples Professional is an authorized e-waste provider site through the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) nationally.

Cardboard Boxes

Every order makes a difference

Staples Professional works to reduce the impact from packaging. Each and every order is packaged to size. All product dimensions are placed in our system as the order is assembled the exact box is chosen for your order. Through our partnership with Cascades, cardboard boxes are collected and returned to our facilities for reuse and recycling.

Fifty Green

Be Part of the Solution! Fifty Green reduces the environmental cost of ordering

The Fifty Green program encourages our customers to help reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the number of deliveries to your location through combining orders that in turn improves our operational efficiencies. This allows for better service and competitive prices for you, while also reducing packaging and toxic gas emissions, so it is beneficial for the environment. We have two options to assist our customers in reducing their environmental impact.

1) The Fifty Green Charge will encourage you to combine your orders. Should your order remain less than $50 we will add a charge of $9.99 to the order. A portion of the FIFTY GREEN charge will be donated to Tree Canada to help plant trees in local communities across Canada to offset the environmental impact. Each fee collected helps buy a tree. The benefits include the ability to continue to create orders less than $50 with the assurance that the impact of small orders is being reduced.

2) Fifty Green Accelerator encourages you to combine your orders to reach a minimum of $50. Should your order remain less than $50 we will save the order to allow you time to determine additional items you would like to purchase. You can use www.eway.ca at any time to complete your selections, alternatively you can contact our customer care department or we will be happy to follow up with you. The benefits of this program include no additional delivery charges and ecologically sound purchasing practices.

Additional delivery charges, order minimums, or handling charges may apply for deliveries outside local areas and for select products! For more information, talk to your Staples Professional account representative.

In-Store Services

Working together to protect the planet

In partnership with Staples Canada we can offer a number of recycling services to our customers that are available exclusively in store. Staples Canada is partnered with Terracycle and customers are encouraged to drop off used writing instruments at local stores, such as pens, pencils, markers, and highlighters, which are sent to Terracycle for recycling. In addition, Staples Canada has partnered with Iron Mountain to provide our customers with secure shredding services. Our shredding services are committed to protecting the environment as much as it is to protecting your privacy.

Community programs that support the environment.

Staples Professional proudly supports organizations committed to preserving and protecting the environment. Partnering and sponsoring organizations allows us to maintain strong community relations and support important initiatives at Staples. In addition, we operate various in-house community and environmental programs, including:

Staples Superpower your School Contest

Together with EcoKids, Earth Day Canada, and Staples Canada provides ten exceptional schools with $20,000 in new technology to recognize their eco stewardship and support their environmental and educational efforts. Click here for more information on how your school can participate in the contest

Tree Canada Ultimate Sponsor

Staples Professional is proud to declare we are an Ultimate Sponsor of Tree Canada with lifetime donations of over $1,000,000 and more than 200,000 tree plantings since 2008. Tree Canada is a not-for-profit charitable organization established to encourage Canadians to plant and care for trees in urban and rural environments. The organization engages Canadian companies, government agencies and individuals to support the planting of trees, the greening of schoolyards, and other efforts to sensitize Canadians to the benefits of planting and maintaining trees. To date, more than 80 million trees have been planted, more than 550 schoolyards have been greened, and Tree Canada has organized 8 national urban forestry conferences.

Goals for a greener future

Our goal is to reduce our environmental impact through the following key pillars:

Continuously improve waste diversion and increase recycling

• Recycling and waste diversion by leveraging the scale of our national network of facilities, our fleet, and partnership with Staples Canada

• Target 13.5M Metric Tonnes in electronic recycling by 2025

• Target 8.5M units in ink & toner by 2025

• Target 500,000KG in battery & cell phone recycling by 2025

Maximize Energy Efficiency

• Reduce Natural Gas by 10% for 2025 from our current baseline

• Reduce Electricity by 10% for 2025 from our current baseline

• All buildings to be LED interior and exterior by 2025