Focused Work

Support a physically distanced working environment by allowing associates to focus on tasks in their own space.

Trend - Distributed Work

Distributed work is not a binary, one size fits all strategy; it includes a range of work options. Learn more from Allsteel and discover strategies for your organization.

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Vendor Spotlight

Workspace 48’s unique and ergonomically designed furniture helps create an open space atmosphere while giving individuals privacy to help focus on the tasks at hand.

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Wellness Screens

Adding these to workstations is a great start, and with the array of styles available wellness screens can also be easily integrated into common areas like breakrooms and conference rooms to keep associates safe.


Workplaces will increasingly become spaces for your associates to connect and collaborate. Rethink your common areas, from collaboration areas to breakrooms.

The Hybrid Workplace

We all long to go back to the office to experience a sense of normalcy. However, knowing what we now know about new ways to work, distributed work is here to stay. Allsteel is sharing research, frameworks and the ideas they are pursuing around the changing workplace.

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Go2 Ideas Book

Browse to see how we can help you reimagine your space, whether it's a commercial office, a healthcare space, or an education facility.

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Trend - Configurable Furniture

Rise by Allsteel makes common areas more productive, more comfortable, and more engaging, while ensuring it’s easy to keep a safe distance. The variety of shapes and sizes can be mixed-and-matched to suit the needs of workspaces and workers.

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