Going Green Can Be Easy

We’ll recycle your ink, batteries, and electronics.

Our Tech Recycling Program is an eco-preferable plan that fits your schedule.

Just give your recyclables to your driver at your next delivery. We accept ink and toner cartridges, computers and monitors, * desktop printers, batteries, computer peripherals and office machines.

Ink & Toner Recycling for Customers

Staples is one of the world’s largest ink recyclers, recycling millions of ink and toner cartridges each year. We’re committed to providing sustainable solutions to our customers and offer ink and toner collection along with our regular deliveries. The cartridges we collect are either reused or recycled, with end-of-life cartridges used to make other products, including items like office trays, pen and paper holders, and even Sustainable Earth by Staples™ calculator casings.

Here’s the best part:
It’s all provided free of charge so that doing the right thing is even easier.


The process is as follows:

  • Spent cartridges are collected for recycling
  • Carriers deliver used cartridges to collection center
  • Cartridges evaluated for recycling or reusing
  • Cartridges are recycled to extract components and raw material
    to be used in manufacturing new products. The recycled products are thoroughly inspected before being remanufactured, tested, and packaged for reuse.
  • Through our driver pick-up program, we make it easy to recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges.
  • We provide pallet pick-up programs for large returns and prepaid mailing labels for customers without driver service – and we will recycle any brand of ink and toner.

Technology Recycling Programs


Drivers can accept up to three units at a time, after which eCycle Solutions is available to pick up any surplus or bulky items.

Staples currently offers this service through most of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Quebec.

Recycling Waiver Form

Please complete the recycling waiver form. This must be completed and presented to your driver if you have requested customer recycling pickup by us.

Click here for the Recycling Waiver Form

*Limit three computers and three monitors per pickup.