Our Vision, Quality and Environmental Policy & Values

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Our vision

Together we make the workplace work.


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Our quality policy

As a B2B provider, we will continuously improve our Quality Management System to drive customer satisfaction and support the
strategic direction of our business through risk management and ensuring we take into account our stakeholders, customers, associates and the community.


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Our environmental policy

As a B2B provider, we will conduct our business in a way that is protective of the environment and supports our strategic direction through risk management while taking into account our stakeholders, customers, associates and the community. We are committed to maintain an environmental management system that will enable us to achieve the following goals:

Continuous Improvement

We will strive to continuously improve our Environmental Management System and the environment by reducing our carbon footprint associated with our activities, products, and services.

Pollution Prevention

We will seek opportunities to minimize negative effects on the environment and reduce waste from our operations while ensuring we manage remaining waste in a safe and responsible manner.

Regulatory Compliance

We will identify, evaluate and ensure compliance to all applicable environmental legislation associated with our business.

ISO Certified

Staples Professional maintains both an Environmental Management System (EMS) and Quality Management System (QMS). These systems are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified; this internationally recognized standards acknowledges the depth and thoroughness of our operations. The systems are built upon standardized process, procedures, and internal and external audits. ISO certification provides us 3rd party verification of our processes and an unbiased perspective on our operations, and participation is 100% voluntary. These certifications demonstrate our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and responsible operational and environmental management.

Staples Professional Head Office & www.eway.ca is bullfrogpowered® with 100% renewable electricity

Bullfrog Powered
Since 2013, Staples Professional Canada and Staples Canada have partnered with Bullfrog Power to support clean, renewable electricity. Staples Canada is one of the leading supporters of renewable energy through Bullfrog Power in Canada, choosing clean, renewable electricity for two head office buildings, Staples Professional e-commerce services, 2 data centres, 4 Staples Canada Copy & Print production centres and its entire flyer printing operations. The partnership is part of our long-term commitment to having a positive impact on its customers, associates and the planet.

Energy is a key priority in Staples’ corporate social responsibility strategy, complementing our sustainable product sourcing, internal operations, and our comprehensive recycling programs provided to customers. Bullfrog Power’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power sourced from new Canadian renewable energy facilities.

Choosing renewable energy ensures our business is operating in an environmentally accountable manner and it helps reduces the negative impact of our operations in the communities we serve.

Fleet Efficiency

In late 2012, we introduced Roadnet software to our delivery system. The goal of Roadnet is to optimize routes and reduce mileage by routing to the most efficient path possible. Roadnet is designed to increase route density and reduce mileage and time for the drivers, with the additional advantage of increasing efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint as we reduce miles.

The Fifty Green Program

Be Part of the Solution! Fifty Green reduces the environmental cost of ordering.

As a global company Staples Professional takes our social responsibility and the environment seriously. We believe that we have a responsibility larger than profit maximization and job creation – to minimize the negative effects of our operations and strive to impact positively on the environment. Order delivery is a significant source of the environmental impact of our operations, releasing, among other toxic chemicals, Nitrogen Dioxide. Our Fifty Green program encourages you, our customers, to help reduce the impact on the environment by reducing the number of deliveries to your location through combining orders that in turn improves our operational efficiencies. This allows for better service and competitive prices for you, while also reducing packaging and toxic gas emissions, so it is beneficial for the environment.

We have two options to assist our customers in reducing their environmental impact.

1) The Fifty Green Charge will encourage you to combine your orders. Should your order remain less than $50 we will add a charge of $5.99 to the order. A portion of the order charge will be donated to Tree Canada to help plant trees in local communities across Canada to offset the environmental impact. Each fee collected helps buy a tree. The benefits include the ability to continue to create orders less than $50 with the assurance that the impact of small orders is being reduced.
2) Fifty Green Accelerator encourages you to combine your orders to reach a minimum of $50. Should your order remain less than $50 we will save the order to allow you time to determine additional items you would like to purchase. You can use www.eway.ca at any time to complete your selections, alternatively you can contact our customer care department or we will be happy to follow up with you. The benefits of this program include no additional delivery charges and ecologically sound purchasing practices.

What does it mean for you? Regardless of how you participate in Fifty Green, if your order size is above $50, there is no impact to you – you will continue to receive all of the great products that you have come to expect from Staples Professional. You will also have the knowledge that you have played an active role in helping us reduce our operational costs, to maintain competitive pricing AND reduced the impact on the environment. Additional delivery charges, order minimums, or handling charges may apply for deliveries outside local areas and for select products.

Talk to your Staples Professional account representative to find out more!


CORTM HEALTH AND SAFETY CERTIFIED IN ALBERTA, NOVA SCOTIA AND NEWFOUNDLANDStaples Professional is COR certified in Edmonton, Alberta, Amhurst, Nova Scotia and St Johns, Newfoundland.

The Certificate of Recognition Program (COR) is an occupational health and safety accreditation program that verifies a fully implemented health and safety program which meets national standards.

The objectives of COR are to provide industry employers with an effective health and safety management system to reduce incidents, accidents and injuries as well as their associated human and financial costs.


Health CanadaStaples Professional maintains a medical device establishment license (MDEL) with Health Canada, enabling us to sell regulated medical devices and products.

Our MDEL permits the sale of Class I through Class 4 medical devices. This certification provides our customers a level of assurance that medical devices and the wide array of first aid products sold by us meet or exceed the safety requirements outlined in the Medical Devices Regulation.


We make it easy for customers to measure the impact of their sustainable initiative through clear, detailed reporting and regular Procurement Business Reviews. Some of the environmental benefits our reporting can offer include:

· Environmental product spend, including recycled and FSC spend.

· Monitoring average order size and orders under $50.

· Switch to Eco tool reporting capability to assist customers with greener purchases.


Due to our national network of facilities and coast-to-coast delivery, the environmental impact of our operations stands as one of the key areas of focus for our Environmental Management System (EMS). To diminish the environmental effects of transportation/delivery, we utilize transportation management software to optimize routing, significantly reducing the number of kilometers we drive annually and the associated carbon emissions. Staples Professional has made significant improvements over the past decade and looks to continue these improvements into the future.