Why Get A Premium Membership?

As a Staples Professional Premium Member, you are signing on to be a valued partner. We are committed to helping your business grow and thrive. We are committed to offering the best pricing in the marketplace through to creating a tailored solution through product offering and quotation. Our Key Value Item selection is exclusive to Premium Members. We have done the research, identified value and established competitive pricing in the marketplace on 500+ of the most popular and essential items needed to run your business.

Our products and services extend beyond office supplies such as paper, ink and toner and cleaning and janitorial products. Get your essential everyday office supplies for your business and year-round savings. If you are looking for the best in line workplace products such as office supplies, break room refreshments, furniture, workplace design service, electronic goods and more, Staples Professional must be your preferred choice.


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Savings and Discounts
Competitive pricing on the most popular and essential products.
Get exclusive pricing on the office paper you rely on every day.
A customized core list specifically tailored to your company’s needs.
Manage Your Spending
An account management team to help you manage your program & track spending.
You will have the capability to see how much you’re saving on an ongoing basis.
Premium Accounts have access to extensive business level reporting at your convenience .
Offers and Guarantee
Get exclusive online promotions plus early access to new products and special offers.
We have partnerships that can help your business. Get exclusive access and discounts.

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If you have not seen qualified membership savings, you will get a refund of your membership.
* Terms And Conditions

# New Staples Professional membership accounts only. Cannot be combined with any other offers. There may be a delay in receiving your free giveaway due to supply and demand. Giveaway subject to change due to manufacturing availability and subject to payment of membership fee. ^A refund will be issued if you have not received qualified savings within terms. Speak to a Staples Professional representative for complete membership details and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is membership best suited for small or large organizations?

There is no size limit when it comes to our membership programs. We have programs for businesses of all sizes and will help you find the right fit to help save your business money every month.

How Does Premium Work?

Premium is our way of helping your business grow by saving you money, time and frustration in acquiring the supplies you need every single day. Our team of Business Development professionals will help by finding you savings on the products your business uses every day and shipping them directly to your door with no added charge. It’s that simple!

Are There Additional Perks?

You bet! Every month we provide exclusive membership promotions to Premium members for additional savings above and beyond our normal offerings.

How Do I Get Started?

Easy! Just fill out the form above and we will get in touch with you right away. We will assign a member from our Business Development Team to explain the program in-depth and help you determine your needs and get to work saving you money.

Let our Business Professionals walk you through the savings that await.