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Every business is focused on offering customers great shopping experience. Shipping is an imperative part of the shopping process. High-quality pack and ship materials are a business essential to ensure your shipments reach the destination quickly and efficiently. At Staples Professional, all our products are the best fit to offer maximum protection for your products. For fragile products, we offer shipping boxes feature pads, foam, and insulation to deliver extra protection. From bulk cargo boxes to multi-depth boxes, we offer a plethora of choices and alternatives to ensure they are.

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Solutions for Your Business

Staples Professional offers pack and ship solutions for all business sizes. We have all the essentials to ensure your products are securely packed so they reach their destination safely. From packing tapes to stretch wrap, find everything your business needs to keep the order flowing. Become a business customer with us and enjoy easy online ordering on all our pack and ship products, including: clear-plastic-carton-box

  • Boxes, Pads & Mailing Tubes
  • Cushion and Void Fill
  • Mail Room Supplies
  • Mailers & Envelopes
  • Poly Bags
  • Stretch & Shrink Wrap
  • Packaging Tape and dispensers
  • Shipping Tags & labels
  • Packing list envelopes
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Keep Shipping Supplies in Stock

Whether you’re offering curbside pickup, delivery or shipping via Canada Post, it’s important that you have the supplies you need on hand. That may mean having a hearty supply of packing tape and shipping boxes in assorted sizes on hand at all times, or it might mean being stocked up on extra paper or plastic shopping bags for customers who are receiving their orders via pickup or delivery.

Protect Your Shipment

Shipments are handled by a network of people and technology until it reaches the destination. As a business, it’s the responsibility of the sender to ensure they are packed and shipped safely. Packing paper and packing rolls, rolls of bubble wrap, and other protective packing papers are important to keep your products safe during the shipment. Always pack it right and safe for your item to arrive at the destination on time and in great condition.
Before you get started, always assess your packing needs and shop for products that are ideal for the content being shipped. Need help? Contact our experts and they’ll guide you to make an informed choice for your business.

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