Michelle Micuda - President, Staples Professional, Canada

As President of Staples Professional Canada, Michelle Micuda is responsible for leading the Canadian business-to-business organization. Michelle’s focus is on growing the organization by providing an outstanding customer experience delivered by a cohesive team of engaged associates across a wide variety of exceptional products and services.

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Bill Kemp - Vice President, Business Development and Inside Sales

As VP Business Development & Inside Sales, Bill Kemp is responsible for leading the business development team across Canada for both outside & inside sales. Bill is also responsible for leading the Inside Sales team across Canada.

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Margaret Blake - Vice President, Merchandising and Purchasing

Margaret’s goal in leading the Merchandising team is to enhance value for our customers by exceeding their needs and expectations through an ever-expanding assortment of products, services and solutions while continuing to develop and strengthen the Staples brand.

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Dan Craig - Vice President, Sales, Account Management and Lines of Business

Dan and his team work on the growth of our existing customers with an emphasis on driving business for our PRO categories, which includes Facilities, Furniture, Print and Promo, and Technology.

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Sonia Luppoli - Senior Program Manager

As Senior Program Manager, Sonia and her team are responsible for the transformation and modernization of Staples Professional technology.

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Karen Pluthero - Senior Director, Integrated Marketing

Karen brings her experience as a senior marketing professional working with organizations on new product introductions, brand launches, communications and digital marketing to the team at Staples Professional. Karen has worked in a variety of organizations in the past including Cox Automotive, Samsung Electronics, Barilla Canada, Bell Mobility and BlackBerry.

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Matthew Blake - Director, Sales Operations

Matthew’s goal is to lead his team of multi-faceted sales support professionals to strengthen & enhance our world-class selling organization. The teams are responsible for everything from Customer Relationship Management, exceptional Account Implementation and Business Reporting and Analytics.

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Gina Deli-Cescato - Director, Human Resources

Gina has a wealth of experience, having worked in the field of HR for over 25 years. In her role, Gina is called upon to partner with business leaders to align HR strategies with key business goals. She has been instrumental in the execution of innovative HR solutions that have been focused on driving cultural changes, reinforcing Staples values and spearheading the development of a People Plan geared towards improvement in associate engagement.

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David Rust - Director, Pricing

As Director of Pricing, David, is responsible for leading the strategic direction of all pricing initiatives across Canada including, segmentation, analysis and governance, and ensuring they align with our company wide growth objectives.

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Joseph Mignella - Senior Manager, Ecommerce Customer Experience

Joseph is responsible for executing the Staples Professional digital strategy, ensuring that people, process and systems are aligned to provide customers with exceptional online experiences.

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Mandip Maan - Manager, Finance

As Manager of Finance for SBA Canada, Mandip Maan is responsible for the Canadian P&L.  He is responsible for the financial reporting, modelling, planning and providing strategic analysis to the Canadian Executive team to determine project and company profitability.

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Silvana Poto-Gilbert - National Director, Supply Chain

Silvana Poto-Gilbert heads up the SBA Supply Chain. She commenced her career with Staples Professional in 2009 as a manager of Human Resources for the Central Region, within the span of 12 months she was assigned a National HR Manager role for the Canadian Supply Chain and in 2013, Silvana was promoted to the National Director of Transportation.

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