Featured Brands We Recommend For Your Healthcare Facility:


Shop GOJO Products Now

From Hand Soaps to Sanitizers and dispensers, help your patients and employees alike.


Shop Diversey Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Chemicals and Disinfectants to take care of your implements and equipment.


Check out Rubbermaid

Industrial and Commercial Grade Equipment that will always make the cut.


Look at the 3M lineup

Vast arrays of facilities solutions with rugged and durable designs for any area.

Cleaning and Janitorial Products:

Whether you are opening a new healthcare facility or looking to save on your everyday medical office supplies, become a staples business member to save big! From cleaning products to Medical Gloves to other healthcare supplies, we have them all. Exam room supplies, cleaning products like disinfectants, disposable gloves and other doctor’s office supplies we are one of the leading high quality and branded medical supplies providers online in Canada.

• Diversey cleaning chemicals and disinfectants

• GOJO® hand soaps, sanitizers and dispensers

• Nobles industrial and commercial cleaning equipment

• Georgia-Pacific touchless towel dispensers

• Heritage biohazard can liners

• Rubbermaid® mop buckets and carts

Breakroom Essentials

Stock your breakrooms with a complete assortment of everyone’s favorite coffee, snacks and more from Staples Advantage.

• Coffee, tea and other beverages

• Single-cup brewers

• Granola bars, salty snacks, candy and more

• Cups, cutlery, plates and bowls

• Towels and tissues

• Soaps, sanitizers and wipes

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