What is a Group Order?

The Group Order feature on eway.ca allows an existing user to invite their coworkers to shop online and request products they would like to have added to the cart. It allows the administrator to build a single shopping cart and through a single checkout process, order all the items requested by those who participated in the Group Order!

All Group Order users will have access to the same flyer pricing, promotions, contracts and account rules that the administrator does.

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How do Group Orders work?

By selecting “Group Orders” from the “Orders” menu on eway.ca, the user is taken to the Group Orders homepage where he/she is able to seamlessly invite individuals and/or groups of contacts within their organization to input their own products into a single shopping cart.

Need to get an order out by end of day? Try our Quick Group Order option. Or build and manage groups and send reminders by using the Advanced Group Order option!

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Follow these easy steps to place a Group Order.


Log into your eway account. Click “Orders” and click on “Group Orders”


Click “Start a Group Order” and choose either “Quick Group Order” or “Advanced Group Order”


Enter the required information


Click on “Send Invitation”


Your order will be delivered, packaged together, identifying the individual who requested each
What are the benefits of a Group Order?

Group orders will eliminate the administrative burden on administrative staff. It will remove the need to facilitate the order process manually through sticky notes, multiple emails, verbal requests and flagging pages in catalogues by creating a streamlined process to invite, remind, control and process a single order.

Plus, all Group Orders are delivered with personalized line notes so you can distribute each item to the participant who ordered them!

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How are Group Orders shipped?

The entire group order will arrive in the same manner as a regular eway order. The ordered items will be packaged together and the packing slip will identify the individual who requested each item.

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