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Office furniture goes beyond just a desk and chair. It’s an individual’s space to create, analyze and communicate for extended hours on end. With all this time spent, this means that they require the right furniture to get through the day. With an assortment of stylish office sets to ergonomically designed furniture, Staples Professional takes assortment to the next level. Our collection goes beyond the office to offer storage, living space furniture and even home care solutions. Your business has specific furniture needs. We can fulfill them with next day delivery and seamless installation.

Top-Brand Furniture For Offices of Any Size

Working From Home Wellness

Quality furniture designed with your health in mind will help reduce work-related injuries and keep you focused. Now is the time to invest in your well-being with ergonomically safe furniture so that you can increase productivity.

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Union & Scale

From trendy or classic to collaborative or private, we have furniture that works for you. Make our fit for you with a single chair or an entire floor. We’ll help you create the right spaces for your team by selecting from their collections that work and look great together. Union & Scale offers a line of modular furniture, such as Lewis & Mid-Mod, that is flexible, so as your business grows, your space can grow with you. We’ll help create a vibe that’s all you, from business classic to industrial chic.

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In-Stock Furniture Guide

The Ready To Shop Furniture Guide includes furniture products that are in stock in our warehouses and ready to ship immediately. This year’s guide includes a variety of desk chairs, managerial chairs, desk storage, whiteboards.

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