A large dynamic family

Diversity and Inclusion are core values of our culture and integral ingredients to our business success. Our growth as individuals and as a company is highly dependent upon us recognizing and leveraging our similarities and differences. In operating with a diverse workforce, we can expand our thinking and drive innovation. We continue on our journey to develop a workforce that reflects diversity of the communities and customers we serve by embracing diversity in its many forms; be that race, gender, thought or experience. In partnership with Staples Canada, our organizations donated a combined $250,000 towards four Canadian organizations, including the Black North Initiative, that support Black-owned businesses and education programs for Black students. Staples Professional and all other members of Staples Canada stand unambiguously for positive change and unequivocally against racism and bigotry.


The corporate governance practices at Staples Professional Canada support our key values of trust, equality, and customer satisfaction. We adhere to a strict business code of conduct, which outlines our commitment to operating ethically. We work to ensure that are partners and suppliers adhere to similar practices and conduct business in a socially responsible manner. The leadership of our organization aims to be transparent, communicating regularly with associates through monthly company meetings and providing an opportunity to ask questions to management.

Associate Resources

Associate development is an essential part of maintaining a qualified and innovative workforce. Training is regularly provided to our associates on company policies and procedures using our Talent Track software, with additional training available via virtual workshops. Guest speakers and conferences are regularly held, providing unique perspectives and learning opportunities for our associates. Staples Professional is an equal opportunity employer and ensures that discrimination has no place in the hiring process. To help our associates succeed, Staples Professional provides a number of resources that aim to promote and support associate wellbeing. Of these resources, our Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are a tremendous asset for engaging associates and encouraging the development of strong networks and professional skills. BRGs provide a mechanism for our company to engage with our associates more deeply and, in turn, retain our community of diverse and talented employees.

Staples Against All Notions of Discrimination (STAAND) is a group that focuses on providing a voice for associates who are Black, People of Colour or Indigenous. The group’s focus is to create a legacy by educating, advocating and being a voice for Staples Professional associates by implementing sustainable and measurable change for Black Canadians, People of Colour and Indigenous Peoples.

Mental Wellness Warriors provides a voice to associates who silently battle mental illness or have someone in their life who has been touched by it. They stand as leaders of mental health awareness and address the various topics and stigma surrounding the issue.

Women Who Lead aims to foster an environment of understanding and support, which empowers women to succeed in the workplace and beyond. They strive to educate our workplace on gender equity, how to support and ultimately inspire women to lead with purpose and value.

The Young Professionals group is dedicated to creating a space that fosters connections between young professionals (ages 18-35). They provide relevant resources aimed at developing our associates and providing tools to help them succeed.