Making A Positive Impact In Everything We Do

At Staples Professional we make it our business to help our customers thrive. We do this by having sustainability as the foundation of our customer partnerships.

We are living in an era of constant change for the future: change is the new normal. As technologies change, it’s vital for companies to innovate or risk being left behind. Survival of the fittest isn’t the fastest or the strongest; survival of the fittest is the one who is most adaptable. Hence, preparing for and embracing change is the key to not only survive but to thrive.

A Message from our President

Michelle Micuda – President of Staples Professional

At Staples Professional Canada, we’re committed to quality, and providing our customers with a wide assortment of products and services. We recognize that companies have a responsibility to act ethically and take into account the impact of their operations. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental part of how we do business and it guides our decision making process. Our CSR activities and initiatives are built around four key pillars: environment, diversity, ethics, and community. Using this framework, we ensure that all aspects of our operations are accounted for in relation to our CSR. I’m proud of the postive impact we’ve made this past year, and hope that our efforts inspire others to do the same. We also provide support to organizations on their own sustainable journey, by offering eco-conscious products and recycling services to help lessen their own impact
on the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge felt around the world and has significantly impacted the lives of our associates, partners, and customers. Against this backdrop, we’re proud of how our associates quickly adapted to the situation, putting out a united effort to keep each other safe and maintain service for our customers. This year has seen increasing attention towards systematic inequality and injustice. We pride ourselves on being a diverse and multicultural organization, standing as an ally in the fight for equality. Our associates are what make us a great organization, and we look to support them by maintaining a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace. Throughout this report you will discover the activities and intiatives we performed in order to make a positive impact for our customers, our associates, the environment, and the communities we work and live in.

We look forward to the future, as we continue our CSR journey and build on our past achievements.

Michelle Micuda
Staples Professional Canada