While the tools for treatment are designed for function, the furnishings of each space should invite healing and comfort.

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Globalcare is one of our leading providers for healthcare furniture for hospitals, long-term care facilities, elderly care environment, laboratories, patient rooms, waiting rooms and pharmacies. Their mission is to provide enhanced level of wellness standards as a leader in the health care markets.

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Global Wellness Guards have become one of the best lines of defense to stop the spread of germs among health care spaces such as doctors offices, hospitals and pharmacies.

Trend - Clean Hands Save Lives

Now more than ever, hand washing has become second nature. How ever for health care workers, washing your hands is one of the best ways to reduce their risk from one person to another.


Open, modular spaces help support the care of patients while accommodating those who support them.

Providing a safe space

Staples Professional worked with BC Housing to offer support during the COVID-19 pandemic. We worked quickly to provide a dignified solution, using partitions and allowing for physical distancing to be maintained.

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Victory Sprayer

The victory sprayer offers quick and easy sanitizing solutions for big spaces. It’s ability to cover all services evenly and effectively saves you not only time but labour efforts as well to ensure a healthy clean environment.

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Safespace24 helps primary health care facilities create a secondary workspaces. They're inexpensive design concepts quick set us allows private consultations and recovery spaces. These concepts include reception, watchpods and nurses stations.

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