Employee performance and productivity varies from person to person. Creating environments where individuals can focus on their terms will ultimately lead to greater team success.

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With a focus on improving workplace efficiency and fostering teamwork through innovative design, Allsteel is continually looking to help you achieve your goals.

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As the workplace continually evolves, so to do the needs of the employee. Culture is a focal point for many organizations as it has become a major factor in the workforce retention and satisfaction. Simple decisions, including the furniture you use, can have an impact on the way your staff work, feel and interact with one another.

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Personalized workstations create a private sanctuary where employees can focus their attention while social distancing. It also helps eliminate office noise and conservations around them while doubling as a supportive sneeze guard. The variety of screen options enhances productivity and the well being of the workplace.


The line between work and life is blended more than ever. Help instill and encourage a healthy balance between the two with spaces that allow for reflection and relaxation.

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Keilhauer is one of our leading manufactures who realizes that office furniture should be created based on how people work. Their key focus is help support business with thoughtfully designed common areas, meeting rooms and even lunch rooms.

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"It really has enhanced the look and feel and functionality of this branch, Staples Professional really proved their value." - Jane Diamanti, Director of Library Services Georgetown Public Library.

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The TALK chair is a series of seat and table options designed to create a one-on-one interaction with others. It's tall stature and the ability to block out sound promotes a more casual conversation experience.

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