Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Questions, Answered

Tuesday July 20th, 2021

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

From ever-evolving COVID-19 protocols to shifting the way we work to put safety at the forefront, a lot has changed for both companies and their employees. Although we’re over a year into the pandemic, we understand that navigating Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can be a challenge and that for many employees who have the responsibility of procuring products, it can be a completely new experience.

Staples Professional has vetted products and in-house specialists to help your company every step of the way. We sat down with Christopher Robertson, Sales Manager, Facilities Solutions, to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around PPE.

I’m not sure what PPE to order for my company/organization. What kind of guidance does Staples Professional provide?

Staples Professional has facility specialists who can help customers navigate provincial regulations. With next-day shipping and warehouses all over the country, it takes the pressure off the procurement process.

Facility assessments are also an opportunity to discuss any challenges your company or organization is having with supplies or equipment. This allows the specialists to work with you on providing solutions that can help you standardize, consolidate, and reduce your overall operational costs.

I have a lot of expired products stored, can Staples Professional help?

“There was a lot of panic-buying at the beginning of the pandemic,” says Robertson. “We had customers who stocked up on a lot of hand sanitizer that had expired because of all the business shutdowns.” If your company is in a similar position, Staples Professional can conduct a site audit on all your PPE (sanitizer, masks, wipes and more), make a list of what products are approved and which are expired, and make recommendations on what to buy instead. Staples Professional holds a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) — a license issued for importing or selling medical devices — meaning all products are approved by Health Canada.

How can I decide how much PPE to stock?

With next-day delivery, there’s no need to overstock. The facility specialists and account managers will also continuously analyze your spend and product usage to identify cost-saving strategies.

Our company/organization has an account with Staples Professional. Can employees purchase PPE while working remotely?

“Understanding that not everyone will be going back to the office, we have employee purchase programs in place where employees can use their personal credit card to buy PPE priced at the company’s rate,” says Robertson.

How else does Staples Professional offer support through the procurement process?

Once your program is in place, your Staples Professional team will consult with you regularly to ensure products and processes exceed expectations.

Some of the team’s ongoing activities include:

  • Measurement of service and savings through strategic cost analysis and regular business reviews.

  • Working with you to maximize efficiencies in your order.

  • Working to maintain and increase end-user program compliance as needed.

No matter your industry, health and safety are always our priority.

Learn more about how Staples Professional can help you secure PPE.

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