Why Stress Management Belongs on Your Office’s To-Do List

Sunday August 9th, 2020

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

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Stress Is One Of The Main Factors That Affect The Quality Of The Workplace Environment At Your Office.

You can’t eliminate stress in the workplace, but you can find ways to manage it.

Symptoms of stress originate from a chemical reaction called the fight-or-flight response or stress response. Designed to enable fast reactions to crisis, it increases your heart rate, quickens your breathing, tightens your muscles and raises your blood pressure. In short bursts, the stress response is an asset and even a survival necessity, but extended periods of stress are another thing entirely.

People handle stressors differently, and their symptoms can likewise have a lot of variety. Proper stress management improves your organization’s performance and productivity and creates an environment that attracts and retains talented employees. It lets you get ahead of the mental and physical effects of prolonged stress and deliver great results for your company and brand.

Importance of Stress Management In Your Office

Improved company culture: When employees learn how to manage their stress in healthy ways, they like to manifest positive behavior in the office and to be supportive of the coworkers. The workplace becomes a pleasant environment, and your employees will look forward to arriving to work every day.

Consistent attendance: Employees who enjoy good mental health and freedom from unmanaged stress are likelier to be punctual and reliable. With support from the company and their colleagues, they can manage their stress in healthy ways, and they’re less likely to call in sick as a result.

Talent acquisition and retention: When you go out of your way to mitigate stress at your office, you’ll enjoy higher staff retention rates. When an employee does leave, they’ll have positive things to say about the workplace environment they enjoyed at your organization.

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