Where to Place Hygiene Products in Schools

Wednesday June 9th, 2021

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

This year back to school season hasn’t been like it was in the past. Additional precautions are in place to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff since there are many shared spaces, equipment, and supplies in schools.

Here’s our guidance on why these solutions are important and where to place them to create a healthier and safer learning environment.

Hand sanitizer – why it’s important

Since germs are everywhere, keeping hands clean is critical to staying healthy. The pandemic has transformed how we think about hand hygiene – both our handwashing and hand sanitizing practices.

To support healthy hygiene behaviours, Health Canada recommends that schools provide hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol to students and staff.1

Surface disinfection– maintain a healthy environment

Surface disinfection also plays a significant role in slowing the spread of germs in schools.

To break this cycle of germ transmission, Health Canada recommends conducting frequent environmental cleaning of high-touch surfaces within the school and on buses each day or between use with approved disinfectant products.1-3 Make sure to read the product labels to find contact times and instructions for before and after use to help pick the right product for the job.

Product placement – broken down

There are three primary categories for product placement:

  1. High traffic areas – where all or most children visit at the same time, like main entrances, cafeterias, buses, and gyms.
  2. High Risk/Medium traffic areas – where many people visit during the day, but not necessarily all at once, like restrooms, media centers, and main offices. Also, consider those areas where germs are more likely to be present like food prep or trash disposal areas.
  3. Medium-to-low traffic areas—where few visit or stay throughout the day, like classrooms and administrative offices.

These areas will likely be cleaned with more frequency than before the pandemic, due to heightened cleaning protocols.

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