Three Tips on LGBTQ-Friendly Marketing for Pride Month

Monday May 27th, 2019

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

June is National Pride Month. This time is about the country supporting and celebrating people who are part of the LGBTQ community. Getting involved in Pride as a small business is good for your local community and your business. Large corporations like Apple, Starbucks and Google have created Pride-related marketing campaigns in support and have reaped the benefits. Read on to discover three ways you can do Pride Month right and show respect for your local LGBTQ communities.

Window Stickers and Website Badges

Let your customers see your support every time they shop with a Pride sticker on your business window. A rainbow sticker, or one with the saying “We Serve Everyone” lets your customers know you are welcoming of the LGBTQ community. Using similar images as badges on your website share your message to online shoppers as well.

Business Logo

Large corporations have been known to change their logos in support of various holidays or communities. Give your logo a rainbow re-color, and promote it online and in a bricks-and-motor location. This shows the local community your support every time they pass through your doors. Keep your rainbow logo up in your business throughout the month of June to let the local LGBTQ community feel welcome in your business all year long.

LGBTQ-Friendly Policies

Look at your workplace policies. Ensure that your policies protect and support not just your customers, but your workers as well. Around 30 percent of LGBTQ employees report discrimination in the workplace. To encourage a safe environment for all of your workers, see that your equal employment opportunity policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Policies such as employee benefits for same-sex marriages give LGBTQ workers the same securities as their fellow workers. Creating a diverse employee resource group ensures that all of your workers have the same help and support.

Let your local community know you are welcoming of the LGBTQ community. Use these tips to join in on Pride Month in a respectful manner, and share your support. Supporting your local LGBTQ community not only builds a safer, more inclusive environment to your customers, but it can be a successful marketing campaign. The LGBTQ consumer market is there, and sharing your support encourages both LGBTQ customers and Allies to come shop at your business.

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