The Office Is Changing — Stock Up on These Hybrid Workplace Solutions

Wednesday February 2nd, 2022

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Hybrid work arrangements aren’t going anywhere in 2022. As Canadian businesses and organizations continue adapting to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, workplace flexibility remains a must. To successfully navigate this phase of the “new normal,” managers will have to stay equipped for remote work, return to office – and a combination of the two.

“When you have employees working part-time in the office and part-time remote, organization is paramount,” says Maggie Clark, Staples Professional Senior Manager of Business Essentials. Here are five products mid-to-large-size companies should have on hand to stay optimized for hybrid work.

1. Tech and accessories

Providing team members with their own laptop and e-accessories is also part of the new normal, where work can take place anywhere and supplies are best not shared to keep everyone safe. “Make sure each team member has a portable keyboard or mouse that they can port back and forth. They’re also going to need luggage such as laptop bags, backpacks and file storage,” adds Clark.

2. RocketBook Smart Reusable Notebooks

As someone who has worked from home for many years, Clark knows the importance of replicating the office experience at home. She recommends the RocketBook Smart Reusable Notebook for anyone looking to consolidate meeting notes, brainstorm ideas and other jottings to the cloud. This electronic notebook makes it a breeze: just take notes with the stylus, scan and upload your notes, and then access or share them wherever and whenever.

3. Data and device security

“We’re carrying our laptops and sensitive information everywhere but are we making sure that we’re keeping that secure?” asks Clark, who recommends encrypted USB keys and secured data storage for starters.

But hybrid work also brings additional security needs: “Laptop locks are important since offices aren’t going to be as populated as they were before. If you leave your laptop on your desk and walk away, you’ll want to make sure it’s secured,” adds Clark.

Remote work may also require businesses to assign paper shredders and lockable filing units to ensure corporate privacy among their offsite employees.

4. Office supplies for the office and for home

“We’ve seen a bump in sales of paper, photocopy paper, paper notebooks and even binders,” notes Clark. Organizations are building up to welcome their teams back, so don’t forget to stock up on the following:

• Printer toner
• File folders
• Post-Its
• Pens and pencils
• PPE (masks, gloves, cleaning supplies)
• Cleaning supplies

And for those working from home offices, prioritize ideation and collaboration tools like:

• Whiteboards and dry-erase products
• Paper products and desk accessories
• Headsets
• Videoconference devices
• Speakers

PRO TIP: Keeping global supply chain challenges in mind, order ahead rather than attempting to catch up later.

5. Packing and shipping supplies

Another category that’s been impacted by global supply chain issues is packaging. “The world has gone to more of a shipping as opposed to walk-in retail business model,” notes Clark. Without having a steady supply of packaging supplies, organizations can be caught short when it matters most.
“Staples Professional can be the one-stop solution that provides your organization with the pack and ship products you need, such as boxes, mailers, fillers, inserts – plus office supplies, furniture and technology,” notes Clark.

Want to learn more about how Staples can help your organization get stocked for its 2022 goals? Talk to Staples Professional today.

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