Technology in The Workplace: Top Trends Leading the Hybrid Model

Wednesday October 27th, 2021

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

As we round out 2021 and get ready for 2022, it’s fundamental for organizations to provide tech solutions that smooth the path for employee success while working remotely, in-office or hybrid. While Canada has reopened workplaces, education, retail and other facilities under the guidance of provincial and regional health authorities, organizations must remain agile to respond to changes in the public health situation.

Consider the following stats:

– 37 percent of Canadian workers believe they can be productive and healthy working remotely
– 41 percent believe they can be productive and healthy working remotely, onsite, or a combination of the two
– 56 percent of Canadian high-revenue growth companies already offer hybrid work models

The future of work encompasses a hybrid model. As it turns out, global workers are even more bullish on hybrid than Canadians: According to Accenture’s Future of Work study, 83 percent of international workers surveyed favoured hybrid work models.

Top 3 tech solutions for 2022

Q4 2021 provides the last best chance to get your workplace prepped and ready for whatever the next year may bring.

We asked Steve Brown, Staples Professional Manager of Print Promotion and Technology, for his top three tech tools to help your organization return to office, extend remote work, or combine both in hybrid arrangements suited to your staffing needs.

For collaboration

Upgrading to the highest quality video conferencing equipment is a must. Besides keeping teammates in touch, crisp audio and high-definition facial cues are key to managing facetime, whether it’s with your local team or international clients.

With the heavier demands put on video calls and conferencing (add staff training to the list), built-in laptop cameras and outdated equipment just don’t cut it anymore. Look for features like “noise cancellation, noise isolation, wide-angle camera views,” and, for worry-free connectivity, “seamless integration with video conferencing platforms,” explains Brown.

These features enable “multiple people in the same room to hold different meetings comfortably and professionally,” says Brown, and are appropriate for open plan offices as well as Work from Anywhere scenarios.

For education, training and more

Promethean panels —interactive whiteboards that provide a tablet-like experience — have been widely adopted by the postsecondary education market, but they’re an innovative collaboration and training tool for any workplace.

The ActivPanel Elements Series (available through Staples Professional), provides a natural whiteboard writing experience on the screen while also allowing its users to mirror other devices on the ActivPanel display. The home screen menu, referred to as the Unified Menu, is easily accessible by tapping the right, left or bottom side of the screen, making it easy to seamlessly move between content without disrupting the flow of a presentation or a lesson.

For even more convenience, users can use a virtual “locker”, so they have “one place to go for all their favourite apps, tools, and files, saving time and making teaching or presenting with technology easier,” adds Brown.

For Work from Anywhere

Finally, do a workplace audit to ensure your team members are geared up for productivity. From ergonomics to personalized collaboration tools, plan for your team’s safety and comfort as they navigate hybrid work.

For starters, your organization’s shopping list should include headsets, webcams, monitors and mobile speakers, says Brown.

Remember: when it comes to hybrid work, equipping staff with ergonomic workstations and dynamic collaboration tools keeps projects moving and interaction flowing.

Learn more about how Staples Professional can prepare your organization for hybrid work with Staples Professional Technology Solutions.


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