Strategies to Prepare Your Office for a Post-COVID Design

Thursday March 25th, 2021

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Businesses across the country will look much different now that coronavirus is here. As companies go back to work, they’re going to have to think about ways to keep employees and clients safe. This may mean an entire redesign of their office space.

There are specific places you might have to consider redesigning. The goal is to have a productive workspace that allows for social distancing. This isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make things work.

Think Open and Airy

The need to give people at least 2 metres between each other means companies may have to rethink the design of spaces, especially smaller ones. This could be as simple as using filing cabinets to keep space between desks. Some offices, however, may need to use plexiglass dividers to help separate the spaces. You need to consider the flow of the space while working to ensure that your employees and anyone else coming into the space remains safe.

Go for Cleaning-Friendly

Plush sofas and other furniture were once a common sight in offices, but this isn’t ideal for keeping the space sanitized. You need to consider things like how easy it will be to clean the items in a space. This is especially important for high-touch items.

Items that many people will touch each day need to be easily sanitized. The positioning of these items can make a difference. While you’re considering the overall layout of the area, think about how the positioning might impact the ability to sanitize the surfaces completely. It won’t be easy to move entire pieces of furniture several times a day just to sanitize the area.

Make Space for Signage

Signs that help with social distancing and remind people about the standard practices of the company can keep everyone safe. Instead of just placing these wherever they’ll fit, you should work to integrate them into the design of the office. This makes the statement clear without cluttering up the office.

Focus on Technology

The days of everyone having to be in the same room for collaborative sessions and similar meets are a thing of the past. You can use technology to your company’s advantage here. Video meetings enable workers to do their job duties from home or from their office, but they won’t all have to be together in the same room. This automatically reduces the risk of COVID spread.

Remember the Sanitization Supplies

The increased need to sanitize everything in the office means you may need to increase the amount of cleaning supplies you keep in the office. You’ll need to incorporate spaces for this into the overall design of each room, as well as having a place to store the bulk supplies.

It’s also a good idea to have a dedicated space for personal protective equipment that employees and others might need. This includes gloves and disposable masks. While your company might require everyone to bring their own mask, it’s a good idea to have spares in case someone forgets theirs or has their mask break.

Our team can help you with the redesign of your company’s space. Whether you need to figure out how to set up a conference space or find ways to improve safety in public areas, our professionals are here to assist you.

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