Staff Loyalty: Happy Staff = Loyal Staff

Friday August 28th, 2015

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Job satisfaction is the key to staff loyalty. Eight out of ten workers who are the most dissatisfied with their jobs are currently looking for a new job, according to our recent Workplace Index report.

Staff churn can be seriously damaging for a business. Every time an employee leaves, employers must go through the lengthy and expensive process of recruiting, hiring and training a replacement. This incurs costs – not only in terms of hiring costs but also in terms of the lost management time to identify and interview candidates as well as train new hires.

Employers with the highest employee dissatisfaction experience five times the level of staff churn compared to employers with happier staff. That’s five times the recruitment costs and five times the amount of management time spent unnecessarily.

So how can you aim to diminish staff churn in the workplace? Take a look at some of the main issues that employees cited as key factors in their decisions to leave:

  • Poor office culture
  • Lack of current challenges in their role
  • Salary
  • Distrust in leadership

Learn more about promoting positive office culture in next week’s blog. And to download the full Workplace Index Report, click here.

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