How Working With A Furniture Specialist Can Help You Plan Your Office Effectively

March 25, 2021

Author: Staples Business Advantage Canada

When you’re planning your office space, you have several points to consider. You need an office that flows well for its intended purpose and that meets the current guidelines to help protect staff members and clients from COVID-19. A Staples Professional furniture specialist can help you to plan the furniture scheme for your space.

What Does a Furniture Specialist Do?

A furniture specialist is familiar with all the options Staples Professional can offer and can help you choose the best furniture for your needs while supporting your budget. They can also help you with designing the space for maximum effectiveness.

In these times when coronavirus is a consideration for offices, it’s necessary to think about setting up the furniture to encourage social distancing and facilitate ease of cleaning. This can be as simple as using filing cabinets to fill space that would otherwise go unused because of social distancing. Our professionals look at the space as a whole and help you create a plan that works for you and your staff.

Because high-touch surfaces need to be cleaned more often and more thoroughly than they did in the past, you may opt to go with non-fabric options. Finding furniture that’s both functional and easier to clean becomes so much simpler when you work with a furniture specialist.

Another consideration that wasn’t present before is the need to store sanitizing supplies and protective equipment in every office. A Staples Professional furniture specialist can help you find storage solutions that work with any space.

What Else Can a Furniture Specialist Help With?

Our furniture specialists can also help you find cleaning supplies and other items that can help keep everyone in your office safe. They can work with you to determine what cleaning solutions will sanitize and disinfect the surfaces around the office. They can also suggest other items, such as signage and personal protective equipment that improve safety and help your company comply with standards.

Staples Professional is your one-stop-shop for supplies, equipment and furniture for any company that’s undergoing a redesign because of coronavirus. From the planning phase to implementation, our professionals can work closely with you to get your business moving forward.

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