How to Stay Productive During Inclement Weather

Thursday October 31st, 2019

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Inclement weather can drain your work energy and leave you feeling unmotivated. The good news is there are steps you can take to improve the situation. Here are tips to stay productive during cold and wet weather.

Move Around

Exercise regularly and move your body during, before and after work — preferably outdoors. Adequate exercise improves sleep and reduces stress. Despite the bleak weather, taking a walk can uplift your spirit.

Keep Your Cubicle or Office Warm

In chilly weather, your preoccupation with getting warm can distract you from your work. Locate the thermostat or find out who controls it, and make sure they set it at a comfortable temperature for you and your colleagues.

Consider Working From Home

Teleworking can be highly beneficial during the cold season. Working from home is becoming increasingly popular as it gives you more control over your work environment than working at the office. Unlike the case with the previous point where you have to talk to someone to adjust the temperature, you have complete autonomy over the thermostat at home.

Spend Time Outdoors

Get as much as sunshine as you can, especially if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Spending time outdoors — even if it’s only a few minutes in the sun when it’s out — can improve your general outlook. It’s a reminder that spring is on the way. Take a brief walk around your office building block to clear your mind.

Commit Yourself to an Exciting Goal

Taking initiative triggers a sense of accomplishment boosts your productivity and earns you points with your boss. Set goals. The cold season can be an excellent time to take on new projects. Even though you may be feeling somewhat lethargic, volunteer for a new assignment.

Stay Healthy

The cold season brings with it an increased risk of catching a cold or flu. Missing work because of illness makes things more difficult when you return to work and try to catch up. As a result, your productivity takes a hit. Take care of your health by washing your hands regularly and taking your vitamins and flu shot. Maintain a healthy diet, including what you drink. Sugary drinks and comfort snacks tend to leave you feeling bloated and lazy. Even though having a heavy meal before taking a nap is fine on the weekend, it’s not a good idea to eat a lot of carbs and sugar during the week. If you want to warm yourself, a hot cup of green tea gets the job done.

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