How To Create A Clutter Free Space For Your Remote Office

Thursday January 21st, 2021

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

According to an article in the Vancouver Sun, clutter in a remote office can feel suffocating and can make it difficult to stay focused. Knowing how to create a clutter-free space should be the first step when you start working from home. Consider the following tips and tricks when setting up your work area.

Start with a Blank Canvas

Whether you’ve chosen a designated room or sectioned off an area in the dining room, start by removing everything to create a blank canvas. Bring back only the items you need to get through your workday. Canadians lose up to two hours each shift due to clutter and distractions, so stay focused by putting up a dividing screen in a large room to keep personal spaces and the work area separate. You should also remove the television, reduce noise by wearing headphones or earplugs and add plenty of light to help maintain your focus. If you’ve chosen a room with a door, be sure to keep it closed when you’re working or shut it at the end of the day to prevent others from coming in and leaving items that cause a disruption. Keep only the items you use all the time on your desk, and hide the rest in a cabinet or deskside locker.

Consider the Furniture Layout

Furnishings and accent pieces in a small room and how they’re arranged can make or break your organization. Select wall shelves and pockets to free up floor space and increase storage, and consider adding penholders, a wall hanger and organizers to reduce clutter. Draw out a rough sketch of necessary pieces of furniture, and arrange them in a way to make the room feel bigger or move items around until you feel you have the best layout. Place large pieces of furniture against the wall and choose smaller, simple items when possible.

Clean Regularly

Dedicate a time a few times a week to empty the garbage, move finished files and notebooks to storage and to wipe down surfaces. This helps create a tidier and healthier environment that encourages productivity. While you may be busy all day with work, your space shouldn’t reflect chaos or disorganization. Keep your work area clean and tidy to help you become a more efficient and useful remote employee.

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