Five Ways to Help Your Employees Beat the Summer Heat

Wednesday July 29th, 2015

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Summer is here, and while we all love the sunshine, the season can also bring extreme weather conditions like humidity and heat which can have a negative effect on employees. Whether working outdoors in the sun, or indoors in warmer environments, employees can be impacted by the hot temperatures.

Don’t let the rising temperatures catch you off guard – be well prepared with a plan to equip your employees with the right products to stay hydrated and cool during the work day. Here are some key things to consider in order to be prepared for the heat:

  • Provide cool beverages. One of the primary risks for employees during the summer is the risk of dehydration. There are drinks designed for those working in hot weather that include levels of electrolytes, sodium and potassium appropriate for the adult worker and their environment – such as those from Sqwincher, sports drinks, and of course water.
  • Offer wearable cooling products. Ensure you provide employees with products that help cool them down while they’re doing their job. These include items like cooling bandanas, hard hat shades, fans, water mist sprays and cooling vests.
  • Outdoor worker supplies. Outdoor workers are at a higher risk of feeling the effects of the summer heat. Arm them with the right supplies to stay safe. Providing them with tinted or dark safety glasses will allow them to see well in the sun while keeping their eyes safe.  Sunscreen and insect repellent will help protect them against any unwanted bites and damaging effects of the sun. Also, make sure they are equipped with light weight high visibility and fire resistant wear.
  • Provide cooling snacks. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to drink water, and snacks can provide more of an incentive. There are companies that make electrolyte-infused popsicles that not only cool workers instantly, but replenish the body with the necessary nutrients. Electrolyte-filled gummy snacks are available, as well.
  • Educate employees. Make sure employees understand the necessity of protecting themselves in the heat and what products are readily accessible for them. Consider placing erasable posters around the workplace that provide the heat index each day and how much liquid workers will should be consuming  to keep themselves in a safe zone.

Plan to keep your employees safe this summer and stock up on the necessary items to keep them cool, protected and hydrated. Visit to browse the full selection of options and products available.

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