Be Prepared with PPE and Cleaning Supplies for Your Peak Season

Saturday August 13th, 2022

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the challenges and rewards of fast-tracking new sales and fulfillment models, and while large enterprises were able to demonstrate how agile they are in responding to frequent change, one thing has remained the same: peak season. Whenever your industry embarks on its busy period, be prepared for the demand.

Stocking up on essentials including PPE and cleaning supplies is well… essential. Here, Jeff Milton, Staples Professional National Director, Facility Sales & Strategy, shares case studies that show how Staples Professional can support businesses and meet the demands of the year’s busiest seasons.

CASE STUDY #1: Special orders and contingency plans

Organization: One of Canada’s largest National Parks, Alberta
Peak Season: Summer camping season
Demand: Washroom and cleaning supplies to support 100,000 guests per summer
Staples Professional Solution: “We sourced and stocked specially sized drums of everyday cleaning supplies and did a special delivery to remote campgrounds. We increased and managed stock levels for their peaks at the start of the season onwards. Paper products were managed to ensure we not only hit their peak usages, but should additional campers flood the parks, there is a contingency plan with backup products that will work.”
Kevin Kraiger, Regional Sales Manager, Edmonton

CASE STUDY #2: Targeted healthcare solutions

Organization: Hospital network, southwestern Ontario and Maritime region
Peak season: Ongoing, in tandem with COVID-19 pandemic numbers
Demand: Clinical disinfection products, including cleaners and wipes
Staples Professional Solution: “At the onset of the pandemic, southwestern Ontario hospitals required a large amount of clinical disinfection products including wipes and cleaners. Facing limited supplies due to the pandemic, we allocated specific healthcare SKUs to only be accessed by healthcare customers and created a Healthcare Customer Service team to respond to urgent requests. We had our transportation team ready to deliver urgent orders – our healthcare team was even delivering supplies with their vehicles to ensure no hospital was left without. With strong vendor partner relationships and a commitment to our hospital partners, we continued to rise to the occasion. Daily supply stock meetings ensured stock was available and ordered on time.”
Tristan McKenzie-Leung, Healthcare Vertical Sales Leader, Mississauga, ON

CASE STUDY #3: Customized strategy, education & auditing

Organization: Canada’s largest interconnected event complex, Regina, SK
Peak season: Multiple times of the year, tied to CFL football and CHL hockey seasons (fall and winter), plus special events including Queen City Ex (summer) and Canada’s Farm Show (summer)
Demand: Facility solutions that include cleaning, sanitation, break room and washroom supplies
Staples Professional Solution: “For each peak, our account management team works directly with the facility’s procurement and maintenance management team to ensure all solutions products are available and on-site next-day when ordered. This requires ongoing inventory management and site audits to share facility product expertise and product innovations. We also hold weekly meetings and check-ins to ensure product efficiency and quality control.”
Evan Bennet, Facility Specialist, and Kyle Huzyk, Facility Sales Manager, Winnipeg

CASE STUDY #4: Customized fulfilment solutions

Organization: Medical solutions company, Nunavut
Peak season: Variable, with seasonal/ongoing transportation challenges
Demand: Personal Protective Equipment, safety, cleaning and sanitation supplies
Staples Professional Solution: Staples Professional facility, warehouse and transportation leads collaborated to create a custom packaging solution to ensure shipments to this remote Arctic business arrived in warehouse condition after a long journey on excessively dusty roads — which had been a pain point with their previous supplier. “Now we’re working on alleviating product back orders, which are very tough for remote delivery operators in the Arctic that get product delivered on barges or ice roads. We’re meeting with our customer to strategize and plan for their core product needs.”
Glenn Cox, Facility Specialist, Calgary

CASE STUDY #5: Customized solutions and ease of ordering

Organization: Mid- to large-size gym chain, Quebec
Peak season: Summer, as gym facilities reopened under public health protocols
Demand: Janitorial and sanitation supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE)
Staples Professional Solution: “Staples Professional helped the gym chain get ready for welcoming back hundreds of clients. We made sure the facilities were safe and ready to be used properly, focusing on janitorial and sanitation supplies, PPE and even reorganization of the space as needed. Our reps made sure every gym had active access to and training to use it efficiently for reordering.”
Francois Robbillard, Facility Specialist, Montreal

Get ready for the peak season: Talk to a Staples Professional facility specialist for planning and solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

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