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February 24, 2021

Author: Staples Business Advantage Canada

The changes that have come with 2020 have impacted people in a variety of ways. For many Canadians, the year came with a transition to working from home. In fact, approximately 2.4 million Canadians who don’t normally work from home were doing so in October. That’s a bit lower than it was at the peak, which was when 3.3 million Canadians had transitioned from brick-and-mortar jobs to teleworking in mid-April.

Individuals who work from home these days typically don’t need a lot of equipment. Many only require a computer, a phone and a reliable internet connection. Some might opt to have full office setups, but others may want to keep things simple.

1. A Laptop or Desktop

You need a laptop or desktop that’s compatible with the software or programs your company uses. Look for one that has ample memory as well as a good processor. These can help ensure you don’t have to deal with lagging while you’re doing your job. You should also ensure you have a screen size that reduces the risk of eyestrain, and you can use specialized screens over the monitor to decrease problems as well.

2. A Good Router

Having a good, reliable internet connection at home is another must if you’re working from home. While some internet providers will provide a modem and router, these might not be powerful enough to handle your needs. A Wi-Fi router is ideal if you’re going to move around. If you’re staying in one spot, you may consider a hardwired model that attaches to the computer via Ethernet.

3. Proper Desk Setup

Continuing to use proper body mechanics can help prevent individuals who work from home from suffering from issues like a strained neck or carpal tunnel syndrome. Look for a desk that enables you to have the monitor for your computer at a suitable height for your viewing. You don’t need to have to look up or down when you’re working on your computer for hours on end. A monitor arm, which is especially useful if you have two monitors, is helpful for many people. You also need to ensure you have proper lighting around your home office area to help minimize the chance of headaches while working on the computer.


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