7 Tips for Choosing Employee Gifts – And Why They’re Worth the Investment

Friday October 14th, 2022

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Your employees work hard and play a big role in the success of your organization. A thoughtful, customizable gift (beyond the usual mug or pen) can go a long way to recognize their dedication, improve morale and employee retention, and increase motivation. In fact, a study conducted by Coresight Research found that giving employee gifts can enhance relationships in the workplace and make the recipient feel valued.

While personalizing a gift with your company logo is a great start, taking it a step further by including a team motto can help emphasize a sense of togetherness and strengthen bonds — especially when working remotely.

Here are our top seven tips for gifts that are worth the investment.

1. Recognize milestones

Don’t miss an opportunity to mark moments for team members. “Tenure, birthdays, sales accomplishments and retirements are the milestones to celebrate,” says Steven Brown, Manager of Print Promotion and Technology for Staples Professional.

What to gift: Customizable Rugged Fabric Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker. With up to four hours of play time, this wireless speaker is a gift your employees will appreciate in their day-to-day lives.

2. Welcome new team members

Onboarding is a natural gifting opportunity, says Brown. Consider a welcome package for recent grads, students, and other new employees. Customize them with your corporate logo, and make recent hires feel like part of the team.

What to gift: SimpleKit’s Welcome to the Team Kit that includes a customizable Moleskine notebook, double-wall stainless steel tumbler, retractable pen, along with a dark chocolate sea salt seed bar.

3. Consider quality

A high-quality product is a sure-fire way to ensure its use for months (or years) to come, even products we use every day.

What to gift: Customizable office supplies and Gifts $25 to $50

4. Embrace wearables

“Wearables are our most popular items: shirts, sweaters, hats, sunglasses, socks,” says Brown. There are reasons for that. One: wearables are practical (think; cozy hoodie or sporty ball cap), and two: they put your corporate logo out there for the world to see.

What to gift: Customizable apparel from Adidas and Nike.

5. Go green

“There’s an ever-growing popularity and variety of eco-friendly products,” explains Brown. From budget-savvy wheat-based portable utensil kits (perfect for no-waste, COVID-friendly lunch breaks) to value-priced eco-fleece hoodies and luxury water bottles, Staples Promotional Products has environmentally conscious gift options at every price point.

What to gift: Windsor Bamboo Cheese Platter Kit. This unexpected green gift is made from eco-friendly bamboo and comes complete with a cheese spade, cheese fork, flat cheese knife and bottle opener.

6. Kits are it

Our SimpleKits collection offers curated gifts for every occasion, with themes ranging from onboarding and Work From Anywhere to Thank You & Celebration kits. Goodies vary but typically include customizable, high-quality stationery, tech gadgets and mugs, along with treats and other finds.

What to gift: SimpleKits Holiday 2021 Cozy Kit

7. Plan ahead

Finally, don’t leave gifting to the last moment. “Order two to three months out as a general rule of thumb. Larger quantities or more complex printing could increase lead time,” adds Brown.

Bottom line: Start your holiday and 2022 employee and associate gift planning soon!

Ready to start gifting? Browse our selection of seasonal and evergreen gifts.

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