6 Tips for Staying Healthy in the Fall

Wednesday September 11th, 2019

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

You’ve been actively participating in healthy outdoor activities in the summer, but your motivation might be taking a hit as the fall starts and work routines get back to normal. Here are six ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the fall.

1. Be Firm About Your Bedtime

With school back in session, many parents set a routine and bedtime for their kids. You should do the same for yourself. Give your mind and body time to heal with seven to nine hours of quality sleep. Proper sleep boosts your immune system and reduces risks to your health.

2. Prepare Dinner and Breakfast Together

Start your healthy morning routine the night before by making breakfast as soon as you finish dinner. Satisfying high-protein breakfast options for the fall include breakfast burritos, chia pudding, mini quiches and overnight oats. You’re less likely to grab an unhealthy snack on your way to work if you have a healthy breakfast ready when you wake up.

3. Set Up a Games Area

Sustained social interactions with your family and friends help you maintain good mental and emotional health. As the weather chills in the fall, create engaging social spaces in your home. Make it easy to transform your dining area into a board game area, and invite friends and family for some relaxing hangout time.

4. Get Your Flu Shot

The flu is common during the fall and winter. Protect yourself by getting your flu shot early. This respiratory infection is highly contagious, and it causes great discomfort at the very least and can lead to severe health complications. Getting your flu shot lowers the risk of missing workdays due to flu-related complications.

5. Visit the Fall Farmers Market

We all love our summer fruits, but the fall also brings with it a host of fresh, delicious produce such as apples, pears, onions, beets and squash. Use these nutritious whole foods in your snacks and meals. Steer clear of processed foods that are laden with artificial ingredients, have a high fat content and are low in important nutrients.

6. Try Some Indoor Workouts

It’s easy to let the fitness momentum you had going in the summer wane as it gets chillier outside in the fall. Keep up the momentum by bringing your workouts indoors; find YouTube exercises for work or home or download apps for workouts, yoga and meditation.

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