5 Most Effective Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day

Monday October 10th, 2022

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Canadians are under a lot of stress. In fact, one in four Canadians say they have left a job due to stress. Statistics Canada states that 23 percent of those at least 15 years old report most days are quite stressful, and that figure rises to 30 percent for those between 35 to 54.

Taking an occasional day off for mental health purposes might be the best way to combat rising stress levels and the damage they work on your mental and physical health.

More Attention to Employee Wellness Is Needed in the Workplace

According to the Staples 2019 Canadian Workplace Survey, mental health days are common among a subset of the population, with 35 percent of employees admitting to taking mental health days. Women outnumber men in this statistic by 44 versus 26 percent. Additionally, four out of five people surveyed say employers should take responsibility for employees’ physical and mental well-being.

Best Ways to Spend a Mental Health Day

Here are the most effective ways to spend a mental health day.

  • Do Nothing. Be content to relax the entire day, without stressing about what you aren’t doing. The peace of mind you receive will leave you feeling recharged when you return to work.
  • Listen To Music. Music helps you slow your heart rate, which can lower blood pressure, so throw on some tunes as you enjoy your day away.
  • Stop Watching The Clock. Clocks on cell phones, computers and our walls constantly remind us of what we aren’t doing. Try to ignore the pull of tracking time when you take a mental health day.
  • Control Your Breathing. Tai chi, yoga and meditation all help you regulate your breathing, which can reduce stress. Anxious people tend to breathe from the upper chest. To calm down, take slow, deep, measured breaths that swell your abdomen rather than your rib cage.
  • Let your thoughts wander. Chances are you are probably pretty good at daydreaming, but give yourself special permission to create a happy, relaxing mental space.

Taking a mental health day may give you the energy you need to fully commit to work and personal responsibilities again.

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