4 Easy Ways to Spring-Clean Your Workspace

Tuesday March 31st, 2020

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Spring cleaning your workspace may be a task that only happens once a year, but maintaining year-round cleaning tasks has a variety of benefits. A clean workplace makes a good impression on clients, helps keep workers in better health and may also help workers get more done in less time. Browse through these four spring cleaning tips for ideas on establishing a healthy, productive work environment,

1. Remove Dust

Dust isn’t just unsightly when it collects on your office furniture and decor. Dust and dust mites are allergens that cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues for some people. To get rid of it, grab a dust cloth to wipe surfaces clean or use a vacuum with a dusting attachment to pull dirt away from dusty surfaces.

2. Organize the Workspace

A work environment is typically more relaxed and productive when it’s organized and free of clutter. Make sure there’s a spot to put everything by adding filing cabinets and storage bins as needed. Consider adding labels to each storage space while you’re sorting to make it easy to find things when you’re done cleaning.

3. Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces

Break out the disinfecting cleaning products to clean germy areas that are frequently touched, such as the bathroom and break room tables. Be alert to areas where mould may grow, and wear a mask when cleaning those places in the office. Also, consider setting up a hand sanitizer station to help employees avoid the spread of germs in the office.

4. Clean the Windows and Window Treatments

Use a spray bottle of glass cleaner and paper towels or bucket of glass cleaner with a squeegee to get spot-free windows. This lets the sunshine in and adds a bright, clean vibe to your office space. Finally, either wash or dry clean soiled drapery and use a duster or vacuum attachment to clean other window treatments, such as miniblinds and shutters.

If you’re new to the process of spring cleaning, consider preparing a to-do list that summarizes each cleaning and organizing task you want to complete; then, gather all the cleaning supplies before you start. This puts everything you need in a handy spot and lets you move quickly through the tasks. The checklist also lets you see how much you’ve accomplished at a glance.

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