3 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Workspace

Thursday April 12th, 2018

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

The arrival of Spring tends to get most of us thinking about organization and spring cleaning. The thought of an organized inbox or cleaning off your desk (so you can actually see the bottom of it!) usually inspires us to attack the job head on and all at once – which can lead to an even further mess if you’re not careful and strategic about your approach. So how can you get the job done quickly and efficiently? Choose just one area to focus on at a time, and then move on once it’s done.

Whether you tackle the project five minutes at a time or you have an hour to spare, focusing on these suggested areas will leave you with a true feeling of refresh and organization.

Clean Your Desk – there are a million reasons to clean off your desk. But in addition to cleaning the space of piles of paper and old coffee cups, having a clean desk can get rid of all the lingering germs from the long winter months, sneeze-inducing dust, and the leftover crumbs from eating lunch at your desk. Create a space that inspires you to do you best work. Read more on the importance of a clean desk: 10 Million Reasons to Clean Your Desk.

Clean Your Computer – we’ve all been there: you boot up your computer each morning and stare at your desktop screen that’s cluttered with icons and saved projects that you keep meaning to file away. On top of that, your inbox is creeping up to well over 500 emails that are not filed or sorted. The best way to tackle this: do it now. Spring is a great time to organize your digital space, including unsorted emails and folders. Looking for desktop organization tips?

Clear Your Mind – we all have a million things on the go, from meetings and deadlines, to projects, phone calls, and emails. We tend to get caught up jumping from task to task trying to tackle as much as we can. Stop the rush. Keeping a calm mind can help boost your productivity and enhance your overall health and wellness.

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Happy Cleaning!


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