10 Hybrid-Certified Products to Help Your Teams Work From Anywhere

Monday March 6th, 2023

Author: Staples Professional Inc.

Empower your team with comfort-, creativity- and productivity-boosting products designed to optimize hybrid work styles

Hybrid work is here to stay. According to the recent Staples Canada-Angus Reid Future of Work Report:

– 65% of employees surveyed currently work fully remote or hybrid;

– 7 out of 10 respondents state the importance of flexibility with hybrid or remote work models;

– Over half of employees surveyed say they’d be much less likely to consider an employer that didn’t offer a fully remote option or flex hours.

As hybrid becomes the new normal, leaders and managers must shift their thinking to Work from Anywhere design — which is exactly what Staples’ new Hybrid Certified collection does.

Hybrid Certified from Staples

“This collection evolved from the focus on hybrid work that we have had for the last few years. It is a collection that is supported by input from our vendors, input from our merchants, as well as the experts on our Work from Anywhere advisory council, to identify products that support personalized productivity, optimized portability, and that enhance efficiencies and safety. And all of this helps to drive employer satisfaction and employee motivation in a hybrid working world,” says Marisa Harris, Director, Brand and Solutions Innovation for Staples Canada.

Harris notes that when employees are equipped with the tools they need to work where they are, performance increases.

Hybrid-Certified products are designed to help users work well (comfortably, ergonomically), work smart (with portable, secure, dependable technology) and work inspired (in a personalized workspace that fosters creativity and motivation).

“These things do not work independently, they actually all work together, and they’re all integrated,” explains Harris. “We’ve thought about how all of these products individually are Hybrid Certified, but as a collective, really all work together to ensure that you are getting everything that you need to support you in this new hybrid work mode,” she explains.

Equip your team for hybrid life. These 10 Hybrid Certified products will help them work better every day.


Fellowes Anti Fatigue mat

25% of employees surveyed in the Future of Work Report said they had inadequate home-office setups. Get better results by providing a sit-stand desk to team members who want one. The perfect partner? A supportive anti-fatigue wellness mat that encourages subtle movement to prevent fatigue.

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

Equip team members to boost speed, accuracy and comfort on a comfortable, full-size keyboard that seamlessly connects to their computer, tablet and smartphone. An integrated cradle keeps a smart phone nearby at the perfect angle.

Logitech Triathalon M720 Multi-Device Wireless Mouse – Black

Protect laptop users from wrist strain with a wireless mouse that connects to multiple devices. “From an ergonomic perspective, you should not be working off of the track pad on your laptop all day long,” says Harris. “Accessories are important because they allow you to be set up properly,” for productivity, she adds.


Solo New York Hybrid 15.6-inch Laptop Briefcase Backpack (UBN310-10)

Gear up your team to tote laptops, notebooks and office files comfortably and securely. This padded laptop bag converts from a handheld briefcase to shoulder bag to backpack.

General Supply Goods + Co 20,000 mAh Triple USB Outputs Power Bank – Black

Prevent productivity gaps by ensuring your team members can Work from Anywhere, including on the road. This sleek and compact power bank provides up to six full smart phone charges so your staff can get a boost whenever they need it.

J5Create Triple Display Docking Station – Black

“Having the proper accessories to set up laptops will help with productivity,” says Harris. This docking station facilitates workflow and ergonomic comfort by extending up to three monitors through HDMI, DisplayPort or HDMI. As a notebook stand it helps with heat dissipation, to help extend the life of your company’s electronics.

Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Earbuds II – Triple Black

Gear up your team for quiet focus time and active collaboration with noise cancelling earbuds designed for a comfortable, secure fit. Quiet Mode provides full noise canceling, while Aware Mode offers transparency so users can stay attuned to their surroundings.


Gry Mattr Combo Dry Erase / Bulletin board

Tap into the benefits of non-digital note-keeping. “A bulletin board facilitates getting up and encourages movement. It also encourages you to visualize what you are working on, which helps you to get that out of your head, which lessens your anxiety and decreases your stress—which is all important,” explains Harris.

Gry Mattr Desk Lamp w/ Wireless Qi charger + USB

Hot desks need to be efficient for one and all. Shed light on the work situation with dedicated desktop  task lighting courtesy of this energy-efficient, bright white LED lamp with built-in USB port and wireless Qi device charger.

Targus AWE810GL Portable Adjustable Ergo Stand – Brushed Nickel

When your team members are happy and comfortable, they’re more motivated to do their best work. A portable ergo stand helps prevent neck and eye strain during laptop or tablet use, whether your team is onsite, at home, or putting in hours from a beachy hideaway. This ergo must-have is adjustable, portable, and comes with its own travel pouch.

Whether it’s the whole suite of tools or a few must-haves, with the right things on hand, hybrid work can feel smooth and satisfying for everyone.

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