Many organizations & employers are in the process of making plans for reopening their doors and considering how to do so safely. It’s important that companies make their own determinations as to whether, when and how they will reopen their physical workplaces, keeping in mind their duties to their employees and stakeholders. Having a plan in place for reopening will be necessary to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

Staples Professional can assist you with this moving forward.

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Personal Protective Equipment Solutions
Meet your new requirements for office safety with confidence.

Cleaning Solutions
Protect every part of your facility.

Signage & Safety Solutions
Products to keep your team informed and safe at the workplace.

Ergonomic Solutions
Help your team work comfortably and productively.

Collaboration Solutions
Keep your teams connected and organized.

Mobile Furniture & Accessories
Adjust as you need with mobile solutions.


Convenient product bundle solutions available.

Welcome Back Kit
This kit will help your associates
be prepared and ready to return to the

Ready To Use Disinfectant Kit
This convenient kit includes two 946 mL Ready
to Use Disinfectant Spray bottles and one pack of WYPALL
L30 Light-Duty Wipers.


Get the answers you need to the questions you have about the new normal.





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